Eat Paleo

Your nutrition is even more important than your workouts.  Whether your goal is weight loss, fitness, sport or whatever, how you fuel your body will determine your level of success.

I recommend the Paleo (or caveman) diet:

What to eat
Nuts and seeds
Oils and fats

What to avoid
Grains (wheat, corn, rice, etc.)
Legumes (beans, peanuts)
Processed foods
Artificial stuff

Agriculture is relatively recent compared to the evolution of the human digestive system.  Man is built to eat what he could kill or gather, not unwrap or microwave.

The Paleo diet is more than just a story, it’s backed by science.  When we eat sugars and grains, our body releases the hormone insulin, which tells the body to not only store energy as fat, but keeps fat from being used as easily.  So it makes sense that if you limit your body’s insulin levels, you can limit fat storage and burn body fat more easily.

There’s certainly more to the story than this.  Here are some good reads!


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