Welcome to Meat Sleep Repeat!

About a year ago I made a major lifestyle change.  I switched my typical American diet for that of a caveman.  Beyond that, I started CrossFit as my training program.  My results have been amazing!

I certainly reminisce about that delicious double bacon cheeseburger, large fries, and liter of cola.

Does that look like spit to you?

I even dream of the days that I’ve spent covering only the distance between the couch and bathroom.

Nevertheless, I have resisted these temptations of food and sloth.  It’s certainly been difficult at times, but I’ve worked through it in various ways (which will be topics of upcoming posts).

Why Meat Sleep Repeat?  Meat sleep repeat is just a snapshot of how I operate.

Meat – I prescribe to the Paleo diet.  For me, that’s mostly meat.  Toss in some veggies and call it a meal!

Sleep – Yes, we all sleep, but it’s about taking care of your body.  It’s more than just training hard.  The recovery is just as important.

Repeat – Self explanatory.

I’m excited to share my experiences (among other things!).  So stay tuned!