Cold Turkey?

People ask me all the time if I made the switch to Paleo over a period of time or all at once.  I made the switch all at one time.  While this worked for me, it may not work for everyone.

I’d recommend quitting the sugar cold turkey if you think you can put up with the intense withdrawal that comes with it.  From my experience, cutting out sugar and starches left me with major body fatigue and headaches.  Regardless of how much food and Advil I ingested, this didn’t go away for a couple weeks.

The advantage of the cold turkey approach is getting your results faster.  Even though I felt lethargic and near death for a while, the diet did its job.  I was eating more calories on the whole, but losing body fat very quickly.

If this doesn’t sound like the approach for you, I would approach a transition period.  Here are a few tips you can use:

  • Immediately replace one meal a day with a Paleo meal.  This will get you used to the diet without extended carb withdrawal.
  • Stop buying non-Paleo foods.  You don’t have to stop eating sugars and starches at home, but stop the influx.  By default, this will make your home meals more and more Paleo.
  • Start replacing more snacks and meals with Paleo snacks and meals.  I’d recommend making this a weekly step.  Mark it on your calendar!
  • Stay disciplined!  Don’t make excuses!

Regardless of which approach you choose, the switch to Paleo definitely requires self control and a good amount of Will Power.


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